The Twelve is a group of Rygor's guardians. The party will fight them all throughout the storyline in the order of their appearance.



  • The names Argento, Rosso, Azul, Nero, Weiss, and Shelke are the names of members of the Tsviets from Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, "Sable" is Nero's title, "Roeas" is an antagonist in The Last Remnant, and Lilith and Lilisete's names are taken from previous characters from the series. The Magus Sisters are a recurring enemy throughout the series.
  • No two members are fought within the same chapter, with the exception of The Magus Sisters and Lilith and Lilisete.


1. ^ The Magus Sisters act as one unit, but are considered separate members.
2. ^ Lilith and Lilisete act as one unit, but are considered a single member and not two.