Eden (エデン) is a powerful Eidolon from Final Fantasy XV. He sleeps within the Shrine of Eden.


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The strongest of Eidolons, Eden rules all beings within the universe. It is said that at the beginning, He forged the cosmos and each planet and star within it. That He created life on Terra and the many deities to rule the world; Eidolons, Espers, Aeons, and the Avatars. Then, with his progeny made, He left his Creation in the hands of His subjects, and took to an eternal slumber.


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Eden's battle theme is "Kanyrna".


  • It is interesting to note that Eden can never be seen completely. During the battle, his body begins to fade away near waist level into a mist. During his Divination attack you can only see either his top or bottom half of his body. At the end of his attack it is possible to see his full body, although it is impossible to make out any features as it is instantaneous.
  • The final attack of Divination is actually Shin-Ken; it is unknown how Eden knows this technique.