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Adel Hierum






August 27




182cm (6'4")






Silver (Non-Elemental)

Ultimate Weapon


"And when the pillars of my life came crashing down, I did not stand and watch. I turned, and walked away."

"General of the Red Wings, and brother to Empress Remedi of the Eltaniin Empire. He tends to close himself off from others except his younger sister, whom he cares for deeply. Not caring about anyone he hurts, one could see him as cold-blooded. Strong, cunning, manipulative, and lone wolf would describe him best."
—Online Description

Adel is a playable character in "Final Fantasy XV". Adel's character is unusual in the sense that he remains cold, and independant for the entire game, however he does offer information and advice to his companions of his own will.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Adel has chin-length black hair and cold, grey eyes. He wears an ebon breastplate along with a necklace with a pendant bearing his initials in the Eltaniin alphabet. There is a silver metal pauldron of the Red Wings on his left shoulder, with five glowing yellow stars symbolizing his rank as a general reaching all the way down to his forearm, where a metal caestus covers the rest of his arm and hand. He also wears a long black sleeve over his right arm that begins from his bicep, as well as sollerets and black greaves, which are concealed under his segmented robe-like cloths. His greatsword is sheathed on his back.

Adel is very determined, concentrated and independent, and has a lone wolf attitude. Despite this, Adel does show compassion, as he cares deeply for his sister's safety.


In BattleEdit

Adel majors in the Dark Knight role, having rather high physical and magical attack stats, but low defense and magical defense compared to the rest of the party. However, his weapons give him the second-highest stat boosts compared to the others. Later in the game, he gains Samurai techniques, granting him greater attack and speed.


Name Obtained Effect
Souleater Initial Consumes HP to enhance attacks.
Blade Bash Level 10 Stuns an enemy.
Berserk Level 25 Increases Attack and Accuracy, but lowers Defense and Evasion.
Raksha Stance Level 45 Utilizes magic more readily, with physical attack power greatly diminished. Erases all beneficial status effects.
Yaksha Stance Level 50 Utilizes physical attacks more readily, with magical attack power greatly diminished. Erases all beneficial status effects.
Stygian Bulwark Level 57 Channels damage taken into enhanced attack and magic attack.
Scarlet Void Level 68 Grants Faith. Decreases casting times for spells and increases chance of dealing critical magic damage while increasing delay on attacks.
Unholy Descent Level 72 Grants Bravery. Increases attack power and chance of dealing double damage while increasing casting times for spells.
Arcane Crest Level 85 Enables ability to cast Arcane Magic.


Adel's Eclipse is non-elemental, making it extremely deadly in combat. While in Eclipse, he focuses on pure damage, sacrificing all defenses. In this form, he gains the ability to use his Limit Breaks at will, without any additional effect the Limit Break may have, as well as focus on either physical attacks or magical attacks, without penalizing the other.

Limit BreaksEdit

Main article: Limit Breaks
Name Obtained Effect
Climhazzard Initial Deals triple damage.
Dragon Fang Level 25 Strikes and unleashes a blast of flames to all enemies dealing double damage.
Moon Strike Kill 120 Enemies Delivers a twofold attack, dealing 3.5x damage and causing Paralysis.
Spinning Slash End of Chapter 9 Delivers a twofold attack, dealing quadruple damage that ignores defense.
Groundburst Kill 250 Enemies Delivers an area attack dealing triple damage to initial target and double damage to any other affected targets. Cannot damage aerial foes.
Ageha Kill 350 Enemies Delivers a fourfold attack, dealing triple damage and Stuns the target.
Shin-Ken Chapter 19 Deals 5x damage. Breaks damage limit.
Shin-Ken can only be used when the following conditions are met: Adel is equipped with either a katana weapon or the Ragnarok and while under the effect of Yaksha Stance.
Aeolian Edge Level 70 Delivers a threefold attack, dealing 5x damage and causing Silence.
Somnoletic Slash Quest Delivers a sixfold attack, dealing quadruple damage and causing Sleep.
Nightfall Ragnarok only Strikes the enemy 18 times under the effect of automatic critical hits for normal damage, and drains HP. Aftermath: Grants Haste, Bravery, "Savagery", and reduces Nightfall's damage.
Resolution Final Eclipse only Delivers a ninefold attack.
  • Note: Descriptions in italics are not displayed in-game.


Name Stats
Balmung DMG:10 Attack+20

DMG:14 Attack+32


DMG:17 Attack+50


DMG:20 Attack+74
STR+10 INT+8


DMG:24 Attack+89
INT+15 VIT+25


DMG:47 Attack+100


DMG:53 Attack+136
STR+20 INT+20 Enhances "Souleater"


DMG:60 Attack+175
STR+32 Enhances "Berserk"


DMG:74 Attack+200
STR+40 Enhances critical hits


DMG:90 Attack+258
STR+51 Attacks twice


DMG:89 Attack+352
Attacks twice
Enhances "Souleater" and "Berserk"
Enhances "Yaksha" and "Raksha" Stances


DMG:100 Attack+450
Absorbs HP
Attacks twice
Enhances "Stygian Bulwark"
Enhances "Yaksha" and "Raksha" Stances II


DMG:150 Attack+572
STR+120 Attacks thrice
Enhances "Scarlet Void" and "Unholy Descent"

Heaven's Cloud

DMG:194 Attack+625
STR+150 INT+150 Attacks thrice
Grants Haste
Enhances "Arcane Crest" magic damage


DMG:257 Attack+859
STR+200 INT+200
Fourfold attacks
Enables "Nightfall"
Enhances Eclipse effects
Enhances all abilities
Enhances magic damage

Musical ThemesEdit

"Adel's Theme"
Adel's Theme
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Adel's theme is simply called "Adel's Theme", a song featured on the original soundtrack. It is first heard when Adel eclipses for the first time in the story.